Skirmish at Fairfax Court House Reenactment
June 4, 2011

Group Photo
Members of the 17th Va. Inf., Fairfax Rifles portray the 17th Va. Inf., Warrenton Rifles with Captain Chris Hoehne (kneeling, left) as Captain John Q. Marr.
Lone Sentry
Pvt. Mark Maloy of the Fairfax Rifles portrays Pvt. Francis of the Warrenton Rifles who fired the shot warning of the approaching Yankee Cavalry. Photo by Holly Nunn.
Entering the Village
The Union Cavalry enters the village. Photo by The History Guy - William Connery.


2nd U.S. Cavalry
The Cavalry of the Potomac reenacts the 2nd U.S. Cavalry who were commanded by Lt. Charles Tompkins. Tompkins would win the Medal of Honor for his independent action. Photo by The History Guy - William Connery.
Confederate Cavalry
The Black Horse Cavalry portray the Confederate Prince William Cavalry. Photo by The History Guy - William Connery.
March into the Fray
Lt. Col. Ewell (Chris Godart in white shirt) was wounded when the U.S. Cavalry started firing into the village. Here, the hometown Fairfax Rifles portray the Warrenton Rifles. Photo by Holly Nunn.
Infantry Fire
Former (and future) Governor "Extra Billy" Smith (Dave Meisky, left) took over for the wounded Ewell as the Warrenton Rifles engaged the U.S. Cavalry. In 1861, both the Fairfax and Warrenton militias were mustered into the 17th Virginia Infantry Regiment, CSA. Photo by Holly Nunn.
Present Arms
The Fairfax Rifles pass in revue after the skirmish and "Present Arms."
The Ladies
(Left to right) Misses Ashley Beavers, Laura Kambourian, and Mrs. Karen Lewis came out to support the southern forces who were protecting the town. Ashley and Karen are members of the Fairfax Rifles reenacting group. Photo by The History Guy - William Connery.

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