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 Field and Staff

Primary source of the following material is 17th Virginia Infantry - The Virginia Regimental Histories Series
by Lee A. Wallace, Jr., 1990 H. E. Howard, Inc.

All locations are in Virginia unless specified otherwise.

Brig. General Montgomery Dent Corse
Photo: National Archives

general M. D. Corse

Montgomery Dent Corse, Col./Brig. Gen. Born in Alexandria, 3/14/16; educated at Major Bradley Lowe's Military School; Capt., Co. B, 1st Regt. Va. Vols., 1846-1848. Lt., Capt., Sutter Rifles, Sacramento, Calif., 1852; Lt. Col., 175th Regt. (Alexandria) Va. Militia; Capt. Old Dominion Rifles, 1/61; Maj., commanding 6th Battalion Va. Vols., 2-4/61; AAG, Alexandria forces, 5/61. Commissioned Colonel of Volunteers, 5/17/61. Elected Col., 17th Regt. Va. Inf., 6/10/61. Appointed Col., P. A. C. S., 7/1/61. Wounded at 2nd Manassas, Boonsboro [Md.], and Sharpsburg [Md.]. Promoted to Brig. Gen. 11/1/62. Admitted to Gen. Hosp. No. 4, Richmond, 10/14/64, with intermittent fever; sent to Gen. Hosp., 10/15, and to private quarters; returned to duty 11/11/64. Captured at Sayler's Creek, 4/6/65; sent to Ft. Warren, Mass. Released 7/24/65, after taking the oath. Described as 5 ft. 5 1/2 in., dark complexion, brown hair, hazel eyes. Postwar occupation banker. Injured in capitol disaster, Richmond, 1870; probably caused his blindness for some years. Member Board of Visitors, V. M. I., 1876-1882. Charter Member R. E. Lee Camp, C. V., Alexandria, 7/7/84. Honored at dedication of Confederate monument, Washington and Prince Sts., Alexandria, 1889. Corse donated his Mexican War pension to the monument fund, and enjoyed telling that the "Yankee government helped to pay for the statue." Died 2/11/95. Funeral held at St. Paul's Church. Buried in St. Paul's Cemetery, Alexandria. Grave marker shows his date of birth as Mar. 18, 1816.

Corse's signature in January, 1863

"Colonel Marye was of a highly nervous temperament, but in action he was the coolest man I ever saw. Nature molded and fashioned him for a soldier, and I have always thought that had this highly cultured, brainy soldier gone through the war unwounded he would have surrendered his army corps and made a name second only to Lee and Jackson."

Alexander Hunter
Johnny Reb & Billy Yank (1904)

Morton Marye
Colonel Morton Marye
Photo: Richmond Times Dispatch

Morton Marye, Lt. Col./Col. Born in Brompton, Fredericksburg, 9/7/31, son of John Lawrence and Anna Maria Burton Marye. Educated at Fredericksburg Classical and Math Academy; merchant, Alexandria; 1st Lt., Capt., Alexandria Riflemen, 1858-61. Enl. 4/17/61, at Alexandria; Capt., Co. A. Elected Lt. Col., 17th Regt., 4/27/62. Captured at Frazier's Farm, 6/27/62. Imprisoned 6/28-7/31/62 at Forts Columbus [Governor's Island, NY] and Warren [Boston Harbor, MA]. Exchanged. Wounded (knee), 8/30/62, at 2nd Manassas; left leg amputated above knee. Permanently disabled; retired to Invalid Corps, 7/8/64. Appointed Col., 8/10/64, to take rank, 11/1/62. Married Caroline Homassel Voss; daughter, Mary Thornton Marye; sons, Burton, Edward, and Robert Voss Marye (10/11/68-9/4/1952), Morton, Jr. and P.Thornton Marye. Postwar occupation merchant, Memphis [Tn.], Baltimore [Md.], and Alexandria. Clerk, Circuit and Corporation Courts, Alexandria, 1870-83. Auditor of Public Accounts-State of Virginia, 1/84 until his death. On the Board of Visitors, Robert E. Lee Camp Confederate Soldiers' Home, Richmond. Died 12/22/1910, at Richmond. Buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond. Brother of Charles Bonnycastle Marye of Co. A, 17th Va. Infantry & Dance's Powhatan Light Artillery and Lawrence S. Marye, Ordnance Officer, Trimble's Division.


Major Arthur Herbert
Photo: Collection of Lee A. Wallace, Jr.

Arthur Herbert, Maj./Lt. Col./Col. Born in Carlyle House, Alexandria, 7/27/29; raised in Loudoun Co.; banker, Alexandria, 1852; Capt., Alexandria Riflemen, 1858; 1st Lt., Old Dominion Rifles, 1/61. Enl. 4/17/61, in Alexandria; Capt., Co. H. Elected Major, 17th Va. Inf., 4/27/62. Promoted to Lt. Col., 11/1/62. Detached to command 29th Regt. Va. Inf., 1863. Appointed Colonel, 17th Va. Inf., 7/8/64. Paroled at Appomattox C. H., 4/9/65, commanding Corse's Brigade. Postwar occupation banker. Member R. E. Lee Camp No. 2, C. V., Alexandria. Active in affairs of Episcopal Theological Seminary, Alexandria, and Episcopal H. S. Died 2/23/19. Buried in Ivy Hill Cemetery. The neglected grave plot was beautifully restored in 1968 through the untiring efforts of Dr. Lon W. Keim, Omaha, Neb., and David M. Frantum, Falls Church, Va., with the aid of Burke and Herbert Bank and Trust, Alexandria.

Herbert's signature in January, 1863

William Munford, Lt. Colonel Born in Richmond, 8/16/29; educated at Univ. of Va. and College of William & Mary. Appointed Lt. Col., 17th Regt. Va. Inf., 6/13/61; served also at this rank with the 24th Regt. Va. Inf. for awhile. Dropped from the rolls of the 17th Va. in reorganization, 4/62. Pvt., Richmond Otey Battery, 1862-65. Episcopal minister in Dallas [Tx.], Memphis [Tn.] and New Orleans [La.]. Died in Annapolis, Md., 3/8/1904.

Grayson Tyler, Acting Major/Lt. Col. Prince William Co.; farmer; age 25; enlisted 4/26/61, at Haymarket; 1st Lt., Co. F. Elected Capt., 4/26/62. Promoted to Major, 1864. Promoted to Lt. Col., 7/8/64. Captured 4/6/65 at Sayler's Creek; sent to Johnson's Island, Ohio. Released 7/25/65, on taking the Oath of Allegiance; described as 5 ft. 11 1/2 in., fair complexion, light hair, blue eyes. Died 12/17/97.

George William Brent, Major Born in Alexandria, 1821, son of George and Elizabeth Parsons Brent. Educated at Univ. of Va. Practiced law in Warrenton and state senator, 1852-53. Member, Board of Visitors, V. M. I., 1852-53. Alexandria delegate to State Convention, 1861. Commissioned. 5/2/61, Major of Volunteers; assigned to 17th Va. Inf. Assigned to Army of the West. Promoted to Lt. Col. and Colonel. Held staff positions under Gens. P. G. T. Beauregard, Braxton Bragg and James E. Slaughter. Practiced law in Alexandria. Suffered injuries in 1870 capitol disaster at Richmond. Died 1/2/72.

Major Robert Simpson
Major Robert Henry Simpson
Photo: Collection of Ben Ritter

Robert Henry Simpson, Major Born in Warren Co., 7/26/26; graduated V. M. I. (Class of 1845); teacher, Front Royal Male and Female Academy; Capt. Warren Rifles, 1859. Enlisted 4/18/62, at Winchester; Capt. Co. B. Captured 6/30/62, at Frazier's Farm; sent to Ft. Columbus, N. Y. Harbor; description: 5 ft. 8 1/2 in., dark hair, gray eyes, sallow complexion. Sent to Ft. Warren, Mass.; released for exchange 7/31/62. Wounded 8/30/62, at 2nd Manassas. Promoted to Major, 11/1/62. Wounded at Drewry's Bluff; right leg amputated at field hospital, 7 p.m., 5/16/64; moved 5/18 to Baptist Institute Hospital (Gen. Hosp. No. 4), Richmond. Died 5:30 a.m., 6/9/64. Buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond. Removed in 1866 to his mother's garden at Front Royal. Re-interred in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal. His sword and revolvers are on display at the Warren Rifles Confederate Museum, Front Royal.

Andrew Jackson Humphreys, Adjutant Born in Culpeper; merchant; 2nd Lt., Alexandria Riflemen, 1859; Adjutant, 175th Regt. (Alexandria) Va. Militia, 3/61; Adjutant, 6th Battalion Va. Volunteers, 4/61. Age 36; enlisted 4/17/61, at Alexandria; 1st Lt., Co. A. Adjutant, 17th Regt. Va. Inf. Promoted to Capt., Co. A, 4/27/62. Killed at Williamsburg, 5/5/62. Buried in Bruton Parish Church Cemetery, Williamsburg.

John Carlyle Herbert Bryant, Adjutant Born in Lexington, Va., 5/19/43, son of William Bryant, moved with family to Washington, D.C., 1850, educated at St. Timothy's Hall, Md. Enlisted 4/17/61, at Alexandria; Pvt., Co. A. Appointed Cadet, C. S. Army, 1/12/62, assigned to 17th Va. Inf. Promoted to 2nd Lt.; appointed Adjutant, 17th Va. Inf. Promoted to 1st Lt., 6/1/62. Wounded at Boonsboro, 9/14/62; wounded and captured at Sharpsburg, 9/17/62. Appointed Aide-de-Camp to Brig. Gen. Corse, 11/14/62. Appointed Capt., P. A. C. S., 11/19/63, and Asst. Adjutant General on Gen. Longstreet's Staff. Wounded in left arm and captured at Sayler's Creek, 4/6/65. Admitted to U. S. A. Hosp. Steamer State of Maine, 4/18/65. Paroled and returned to Alexandria. Operated an agriculture house and fertilizer plant. Captain of the Alexandria Greys, 1871. Member City School Board, Member R. E. Lee Camp, C. V. Vestryman, St. Paul's Church. Member Board of Aldermen. Died 4/11/1914.

William Wythe Zimmerman, Adjutant Clerk, age 20; enlisted 4/17/61, at Alexandria; 2nd Lt., Co. H. Promoted to 1st Lt., 4/27/62. Detailed as Regimental Adjutant, 11/12/62. Appointed Regimental Adjutant, 6/1/64, according to Act of Congress, to rank from 5/4/64. Captured at Dinwiddie C. H.; sent to Johnson's Island [Oh.], 4/9/65. Released on taking the Oath of Allegience, 6/19/65.


Surgeon Magnus Lewis
Surgeon Magnus M. Lewis
Photo: © Alex Peck Used by permission.
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"The truth is, the Seventeenth, in the person of Dr. Lewis, was blessed with the finest surgeon, the most skillful physician, the truest friend, the most compassionate man in the army, and the good he did, the lives he saved, and the misery he averted can never be told in this world…."

Alexander Hunter
Johnny Reb & Billy Yank (1904)

Magnus Muse Lewis, Surgeon Physician; born in Jefferson Co., Va. in 1824. Graduated from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, 1846; left Frederick Co., 1847, to practice at Alexandria. Commissioned Surgeon Va. Volunteers, 5/17/61, assigned to Alexandria troops. Appointed Surgeon, C. S. Army, 7/1/61; assigned to 17th Regt. Va. Infantry. Brigade Surgeon, 5/5/62. Promoted to Division Surgeon, 6/30/63. Assigned as Medical Director, Dept. of N. C., 10/30/63. Relieved 5/10/64; returned to Pickett's Division of which he was appointed Chief Surgeon. Paroled at Appomattox C. H., 4/9/65. Oath of Amnesty, 5/10/65. Resumed medical practice in Alexandria. Staff member, Alexandria Hospital, 1872. Said to be "an exceedingly handsome man, but of very reserved habit." Died 1/19/84. Buried in Christ Church Cemetery.

Harold Snowden, Assistant Surgeon/Surgeon Born in Alexandria, 4/27/36, son of Edgar Snowden; educated at Univ. of Va., Jefferson College of Medicine, Philadelphia, Pa., practiced in Alexandria; Surgeon, Old Dominion Rifles, 1/61. Appointed Asst. Surgeon, Volunteer Forces of Va., 5/16/61. Enlisted 5/20/61, at Alexandria, assigned to Alexandria troops. Asst. Surgeon, 17th Regt. Va. Inf., 6/61. Commissioned Surgeon, 1/19/63. On furlough as member Va. legislature 12/63. Released from duty, 17th Va. by Medical Dept., and ordered to Savannah [Ga.]. Postwar occupation editor, Alexandria Gazette. Clerk, City Council. Surgeon, R. E. Lee Camp, C. V. Died 5/4/1901.

John William Leftwich, Assistant Surgeon/Surgeon Born 12/6/35; graduated Univ. of Va., Bellevue Hosp., N. Y. City. Asst. Surgeon Hosp., Howard's Grove, Richmond, 3/26/62-4/10/63. Assigned to 17th Va. Inf., 4/63. Promoted to Surgeon, 5/4/64. Paroled at Appomattox C. H., 4/9/65. Postwar occupation medicine and farming. Married Martha Elizabeth Jones (1842-1908). Died 1/7/68.

Upton H. Dulany, Assistant Surgeon Born 10/8/27. Appointed Asst. Surgeon, 17th Va. Inf., 6/16/63. Assigned to hospital, Staunton, 6/23/63. Ordered to Richmond, 9/23/63, for assignment to duty in the field. On duty with 13th Battalion N. C. Troops, 1/4/64. Died 11/15/81. Buried in the Falls Church (Episcopal) Cemetery, Falls Church, Va.

Lewis Archer Boswell, Assistant Surgeon Born at "Aspen Hill," in Lunenburg Co., 5/9/34; educated at Univ. of Va., Jefferson Medical School, Philadelphia [Pa.] and Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore [Md.]. Removed to Greenwood, Miss., where he practiced medicine. Appointed Acting Asst. Surgeon; assigned to Gen. Hospital, Camp Winder, Richmond, 2/5/63. Appointed 3/17/63 as Acting Asst. Surgeon, Gen. Hospital, Howard's Grove, Richmond. Appointed Asst. Surgeon, P. A. C. S., 2/2/64, to rank from 10/29/63, which is probably the date he became Acting Asst. Surgeon, 17th Regt. Va. Inf. By the end of 4/64, transferred from 17th Va. to Lt. Col. Edgar F. Moseley's Battalion Reserve Artillery. Paroled 4/27/65. Resumed medical practice at Greenwood, Miss. Published articles on aeronautics. Constructed flying machine model, 1868. Moved to Talledega Co., Ala., 1869. Granted patent for improvement in serial propeller wheels, 1864. Produced model of heavier than air craft. developed a "Flying Machine," and granted patent, 5/24/1903. Died 11/26/1909, in Alabama.

John Lipscomb Johnson, Chaplain Born at Forest Hill, in Spotsylvania Co., 8/12/35; educated at Univ. of Va.; teacher, Hollins' Institute, 1860-61; ordained a Baptist minister, 6/10/60. Preached first sermon to 17th Va., second Sunday in 7/61. Appointed, 9/26/61, Chaplain, 17th Regt. Va. Inf. Relieved, 7/9/62. Chaplain, hospital, Lynchburg, 1862-65. held pastorates after the war in Va., Miss., and Tenn. Professor of English, Univ. of Miss.; President, Mary Sharp College, Tenn. Edited, at own expense, The University Memorial; Biographical Sketches of Alumni of the University of Virginia Who Fell in the Confederate War (1871). Died 3/2/1915.

George Hatley Norton, Chaplain Born in Ontario Co., N. Y., 5/7/24; educated at Hobert College [N. Y.], 1838; law student; graduated Va. Theological Seminary. Ordained a deacon (Episcopal) 7/10/46, and a priest, 5/48. Rector: St. James, Warrenton, 1846-58; Trinity Church, Columbus, Ohio, 1858-59; and appointed to St. Paul's, Alexandria, 1859. Appointed Chaplain, 7/9/62; assigned to 17th Regt. Va. Inf. Resigned, 12/15/62. Temp. Rector, Grace Church, Lexington. Chaplain, R. E. Lee Camp, C. V., Alexandria. Rector, St. Paul's, Alexandria until his death, 9/15/93. Buried in St. Paul's Cemetery.

Robert M. Baker, Chaplain Born in Winchester, 6/16/31, son of Jacob Baker; educated at at Theological Seminary, Class of 1861. Ordained as deacon, Protestant Episcopal Church, 1861. Appointed Chaplain, 8/5/63, to rank from 6/1/63. Assigned to 17th Va. Inf., at the request of Lt. Col. Herbert. Absent, sick, 7-8/64. Paroled at Appomattox C. H., 4/9/65. Ordained as a priest, 9/22/65. Rector of churches at Winchester, Middletown (St. Thomas), Louisville, Ky., Hopkinsville, Ky., and Georgetown, D. C. (Grace Parish), where he died on 3/3/84. Buried in Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Winchester.


William Burton Richards, Jr., Acting Quartermaster, B. 1832, Alexandria County, D.C. Married Maria Louisa Urie in Washington, D.C., May 24, 1851; Pvt., Alexandria Riflemen, 1859; age 28, Alexandria 1860 census; merchant, sold military goods in his store at 110 King St, Alexandria. Quartermaster, 6th Battalion Va. Vols., 4/61. Mustered into state service, 4/17/61. Served as Quartermaster for all troops at Alexandria, 5/61. Quartermaster, 17th Regt. Va. Inf., 6/61. Appointed Quartermaster with rank of Captain, 9/23/61. Detached 1/7/62, and assigned to duty at Gainesville. Relieved 5/20/62, as Asst. Quartermaster, 17th Va. Inf., and assigned as Post Quartermaster, Gordonsville. Promoted to Major, 4/23/63. Relieved 3/23/65, as Quartermaster at Gordonsville, and assigned as Quartermaster, Brig. Gen. James Conner's Brigade; Quartermaster at Charlottesville, Va. (Evening Star, Oct. 9, 1862, p. 2). Burton Richards, M. D. Corse, Richard Snowden, and William N. McVeigh, along with other prominent Virginians, were indicted for treason by the U. S. District Court, Norfolk, Va. in June 1865. Charges were eventually dropped. Richards died in September 1878 of Yellow Fever in New Orleans, La. (Staunton Spectator, Sep. 17, 1878, p. 3). His widow, Maria Louisa Urie Richards, age 73, d. June 25, 1902 and is buried in Loudoun Park Cemetery, Baltimore, Md.

Robert Henry Turner, Assistant Quartermaster Lawyer, Front Royal; Member 1861 State Convention; age 33. Enlisted 5/3/61, at Front Royal; Pvt., Co. B. Acting Asst. Quartermaster, 17th Regt. Va. Inf., 4/1/62. Appointed Capt. and Asst. Quartermaster, 5/21/62, assigned to 17th Va. Member Va. House of Delegates, 1863-65. Appointed Major and Quartermaster, 1/3/63, assigned to Corse's Brigade. Assigned to special duty 2/8/63; rejoined the brigade, 7/1/64. Paroled 4/9/65. Judge, 13th Judicial Circuit of Va., nearly 25 years. Died 11/2/1900, at Front Royal.

Charles W. Green, Acting Quartermaster/Asst. Quartermaster Clerk; age 23; enlisted, 4/17/61, at Alexandria; Sgt., Co. A. Appointed 1st Sgt., 4/26/62. Elected 2nd Lt., 5/4/62. Captured at Frazier's Farm, 6/30/62; exchanged. Acting Regimental Quartermaster, 1862. Appointed Asst. Quartermaster 17th Va., 4/11/63. Promoted to Capt., 9/63. Relieved as Asst. Quartermaster, 2/1/64. Assigned to 13th Battalion Va. Light Artillery, 8/24/64.

Victor Moreau Brown, Acting Quartermaster/Commissary Born 12/18/34; lawyer; enlisted 4/18/61, at Winchester; 2nd Lt., Co. B. Detached, 6/29/61, as Regimental Commissary. Promoted to Brigade Commissary, 12/3/62. Promoted to Major, 4/11/63. Paroled as Quartermaster, Corse's Brigade, Appomattox C. H., 4/9/65. Died 8/21/68. Buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal.

William W. Athey, Sergeant Major Born near Mt. Vernon, Va., 8/15/36; removed to Leesburg, 1855; tailor; enlisted 4/27/61, at Leesburg; Sgt., Co. C. Appointed Regimental Sgt. Major, 6/61 and 1st Sgt., Co. C, 7/1/61. Elected 1st Lt., 4/28/62. Wounded and captured at Frazier's Farm, 6/30/62. Sent to Ft. Warren, Mass. Exchanged 7/31/62. Wounded slightly at South Mountain [Md.]. Cited for capturing colors of the 103rd New York at Sharpsburg [Md.]. Biographical sketch states he was on leave at the time of the surrender at Appomattox C. H. and was afterwards paroled. Postwar occupation tailor. Member Clinton-Hatcher Camp, C. V., Leesburg. Died 10/13/1905. Buried in Union Cemetery, Leesburg.

Thomas Goodwin Hart, Sergeant Major Residence Waterloo, Va.; educated at V. M. I. (Class of 1861). Enlisted, 3/7/62, at Manassas; Pvt., Co. K. Wounded, 8/30/62, at 2nd Manassas. Appointed Regimental Sgt. Major, 12/6/62. Died 6/14/64, at Chimborazo Hosp. No. 1, Richmond, as a result of mouth wound received, 5/16/64, at Drewry's Bluff. Buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Richmond.

Addison E. Saunders, Acting Sergeant Major Clerk, 6th Aud. Office, Washington, D. C.; age 21; enlisted 4/17/61, at Alexandria; Cpl., Co. A. Promoted to Sgt., 4/26/62. Promoted to 1st Sgt., 5/11/62. Acting Sgt. Major, 17th Va., 2/64. Killed by a shell at Sayler's Creek, 4/6/65.

David A. Marks, Sergeant Major Born in New York; farmer; age 23; enlisted 4/25/61, at Fairfax C. H.; Pvt., Co. D. Promoted to Cpl., 5/62. Captured 6/30/62, at Frazier's Farm; sent to Ft. Columbus, N. Y. Harbor and Ft. Warren, Mass.; exchanged, 7/31/62. Promoted to Sgt., 2/23/63. Detached to bring in conscripts to regiment, 6/63. Promoted to Sgt. Major, 17th Va., 7/1/64. Paroled at Appomattox C. H., 4/9/65.

George C. Adie, Quartermaster Sergeant Born in Leesburg; druggist; age 24; enl. 5/1/61, at Leesburg; Pvt., Co. C. Appointed Regimental Quartermaster Sgt., 8/9/61. Elected 2nd Lt., Co. I, 4/26/62. Discharged, 5/28/62, to accept commission. Killed at Frazier's Farm, 6/30/62.

Charles James Wise, Quartermaster Sergeant Born 7/24/33; Sgt., Alexandria Riflemen, 1859; merchant; enlisted 4/17/61, at Alexandria; 1st Sgt., Co. A. Quartermaster Sgt., 17th Va. Inf., 1862-65. Paroled, 4/9/65, at Appomattox C. H. Oath of Amnesty, 5/14/65, Alexandria. Moved to St. Louis [Mo.]. Occupation hardware merchant. Secretary, St. Louis Club. Returned to Alexandria about 1878. Member R. E. Lee Camp, C. V. Died 5/9/98. With him was a letter to George Wise, asking him [George] to burn a candle at his [James'] wrist and take every precaution to preclude the possibility of being buried alive. Buried in Presbyterian Cemetery, Alexandria.

William Ott Rust, Acting Quartermaster Sergeant Born in Westmoreland Co., 8/19/40, son of John and Nancy McAfee Rust; removed to Front Royal; clerk. Enlisted 4/18/61, at Winchester; Pvt., Co. B. Regimental Commissary Sgt., 6/30/61; resigned. Appointed Sgt., Co. B. Wounded, 5/5/62, at Williamsburg. Absent, clerk for Brigade Quartermaster, 1862-64. Acting Quartermaster Sgt., 17th Regt. Va. Inf., 8-10/64. Paroled at Appomattox C. H., 4/9/65. Operated a tannery at Front Royal after the war, and was later Cashier, Front Royal Natl. Bank. Died at Front Royal, 11/3/1933, as the remaining survivor of the Warren Rifles. Buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal.

Andrew J. Bradfield, Commissary Sergeant Born in Loudoun Co., 1836, Deputy Clerk of Court, Clarke Co., 1852; in charge of clerk's office, Circuit Court, Loudoun Co., 1859-61. Member Loudoun Guard, 1859. Enlisted 4/27/61, at Leesburg; Sgt., Co. C. Detached as Regimental Commissary Sgt., 1862-63. Shown on rolls as Pvt., 8/63, and detached with Capt. H. B. Taliaferro, Brigade Asst. Commissary, 1863-65. Paroled at Appomattox C. H., 4/9/65. Deputy Clerk, Loudoun Co., to 1870. Banker. Member Clinton-Hatcher Camp, C. V., Loudoun Co. Died 1/16/1906.

Theodore Lambert Chase, Commissary Sergeant Pvt., Co. A. Wounded at Frazier's Farm, 6/30/62. Made Commissary Sgt. of the 17th Regt. Va. Inf., 7/63.

Fenton Mercer Henderson, Ordnance Sergeant Commissioner in chancery, Loudoun Co.; age 43; enlisted 4/27/61, at Leesburg; Sgt., Co. C. Appointed Ordnance Sgt., 1862. Promoted to 1st Lt. Appointed Brigade Ordnance Officer, 11/62. Buried in Union Cemetery, Leesburg.


Cpl. George Wise
Sergeant George Wise as Corporal, Co. H
Photo: From Wise, Campaigns and Battles

George Wise, Ordnance Sergeant Born in Alexandria, 5/14/40, son of Peter and Francia Newton Wise; educated at Stanton School near Sandy Spring, Md.; Member Old Dominion Rifles, 1/61; coal dealer. Enlisted 4/17/61, at Alexandria; Cpl., Co. H. Promoted to Sgt., Regt. Ordnance Sgt., 1862. Assigned, 11/19/63, as Sgt., Co. G, 1st Regt. Engineers. On duty at Petersburg. Paroled in 4/65, and took the Amnesty Oath, 5/10/65, at Alexandria; document describes him as 5 ft. 6 1/2 in., light complexion, dark hair, blue eyes. Employed, Orange & Alexandria Railroad, and after 1/67, he was in the insurance business. Member R. E. Lee Camp, C. V. His diary, 1861-63, is in the William Perkins Library, Duke University. Author: History of the Seventeenth Virginia Infantry (1870); Campaigns and Battles of the Army of Northern Virginia (1916). Died 1/31/1923.

John Born Withers, Ordnance Sergeant Clerk; age 19; enlisted 4/17/61, at Alexandria; Pvt., Co. H. Wounded slightly, 7/18/61. Regimental Ordnance Sgt. pro tem., 1863. U. S. prison records indicate he was a Lieutenant in Mosby's 43rd Battalion Va. Cavalry Partisan Rangers and was captured in Fauquier Co., 9/23/63. Sent to Old Capitol Prison, Wash., D. C., Johnson's Island, Ohio; Point Lookout; and to Ft. Delaware, where he was released 6/8/65, after taking the Oath of Allegience.

Edgar C. King, Ordnance Sergeant Enlisted 5/25/61, at Ft. Pickens; Pvt., Co. C. Appointed Ordnance Sgt., 17th Va., 11/63. Present, 12/64. Paroled at Winchester, 4/20/65. Oath of Amnesty, 5/9/65, Alexandria, age 25. In Maryland Line Confederate Soldiers' Home, Pikesville [Md.], 1894.

Ira Deavers, Color Bearer Residence Fairfax Co.; occupation "Gent at large;" age 23; enlisted 4/16/61, at Alexandria; Pvt., Co. H. Wounded at 2nd Manassas, 8/30/62. Promoted to Sgt. Acting Orderly Sgt. to Co. G pro tem, 1864. Color bearer at Five Forks. Captured at Fairfax C. H., 4/16/65; sent to Old Capitol Prison, Wash., D. C. Said to have left the 17th Va., 4/2/65. Paroled at Alexandria, 4/27/65. Took amnesty oath, 5/29/65.

Aaron Brice Francis, Color Corporal/Color Sergeant Born in New Baltimore, Fauquier Co., 5/14/42, son of Robert H. and Susannah E. Francis; removed to farm 3 1/2 miles north of Warrenton; enlisted 4/22/61, at Warrenton; Pvt., Co. K. Captured at Frazier's Farm, 6/30/62; sent to Ft. Columbus, N. Y. Harbor; and Ft. Warren, Mass.; exchanged. Detailed to Division Provost Guard. Appointed Color Corporal, 1863. Promoted to Color Sergeant, 1864. Wounded 3/31/65, at Dinwiddie C. H. Made his way to the Southside Railroad the next day and went by rail to Lynchburg, where he was hospitalized. Paroled at Lynchburg, 4/15/65. Removed to a farm in eastern Loudoun Co., in 1881, near Willard in Fairfax Co. Preached for nearly 31 yrs., serving as a pastor and evangelist in Va., Md., Del., N. J., and Pa. Member Clinton-Hatcher Camp C. V., Loudoun Co.

Robert R. Steele, Color Sergeant/Ensign Farmer; enlited 4/25/61, at Fairfax C. H.; Pvt., Co. D. Wounded at Seven Pines, 5/31/62. Wounded at Sharpsburg, 9/17/62. Promoted to Cpl., 3/1/63. Elected Ensign, 4/9/64, under act of 2/17/64. Wounded (left arm and shoulder), 5/16/64, at Drewry's Bluff. Paroled at Alexandria, 4/27/65. Aaron Brice Francis stated in 1897 that Steele returned to the regiment in 9/64, having recovered from his wounds, but was soon afterwards transferred to the cavalry.

Mahlon Gregg Hatcher, Color Sergeant Born in Loudoun Co., 1836; merchant; enlisted 4/26/61, at Leesburg; Pvt., Co. C. Color Sgt., wounded at Williamsburg, 5/5/62. Detached as Sgt. and Agent, Quartermaster Dept., 1863-65. Paroled at Louisa C. H., 5/15/65. Died at his home near Ryland, Culpeper Co., 2/99.

John Calhoun Harrison, Color Corporal Physician; age 26; enlisted 4/26/61, at Haymarket; Pvt., Co. F; reduced from NCO for inefficiency, 6/6/61. Regimental Color Cpl., 1861-62. Discharged, 1/63. Employed as Contract Surgeon. Appointed Asst. Surgeon, P. A. C. S., 11/3/64 and served at Richmond, Wytheville, Raleigh, N. C., and Wilson, N. C.

Daniel R. Young, Color Corporal Born in Maryland; huckster; age 22; enlisted 4/17/61, at Alexandria; Pvt., Co. E. Regimental Color Cpl., 10/61-6/62. Captured 6/30/62, at Frazier's Farm; sent to Ft. Columbus, N. Y. Harbor and to Ft. Warren, Mass. Exchanged, 8/17/62. Promoted to Cpl., Co. E, 10/15/62. Deserted near Suffolk, 5/3/63.

William Todd Morrill, Color Corporal Born in Alexandria, 6/7/38; educated at Univ. of Va.; teacher; Pvt., Alexandria Riflemen. Enlisted 4/17/61, at Alexandria; Pvt., Co. A. Appointed Regimental Color Cpl. Mortally wounded at Seven Pines. Died 6/11/62.

Charles W. Digges, Jr., Color Corporal Born in Warrenton; residence St. Louis, Mo., 1861; clerk; enlisted 5/20/61, at Bristoe; Pvt., Co. K. Wounded at Seven Pines, 5/31/62; sent to Gen. Hospital No. 18, Richmond. Transferred to private quarters and to Orange C. H., 6/23. Present 8/62. Wounded and captured at Sharpsburg, 9/62. Absent, paroled prisoner, 4/63. Transferred, 6/3/63, to Co. H, 4th Regt. Va. Cavalry. Promoted to Aide-de-Camp to Gen. W. H. F. Payne. Returned to Missouri. Member Marmaduke Camp, U. C. V., Moberly, Mo. Died 1/1907.

Washington M. Harper, Color Corporal Tailor; age 22; son of George G. Harper [of Co. E]. Enlisted 4/17/61, at Alexandria; Pvt., Co. E. Killed at Sharpsburg, 9/17/62.

John Murphy, Color Corporal Born in Ireland; stone cutter; age 27; enlisted 4/22/61, at Leesburg; Pvt., Co. C. Appointed Regimental Color Cpl., 12/1/61. Captured 6/30/62; exchanged. Captured 9/17/62; exchanged. Deserted, 1863.

Robert Edward Buchanan, Color Corporal Occupation "Gent at large," age 20; enlisted 4/17/61, at Alexandria; Pvt., Co. H. Captured at Sharpsburg, 9/17/62; exchanged. Promoted to Color Cpl., 6/63. Wounded at Manassas Gap, 7/21/64. Died in Lynchburg hospital 3/23/64, from wounds. Buried in Old Town Cemetery, Lynchburg. Removed to Methodist Protestant Cemetery, Alexandria, 11/65.

Joseph L. Gregg, Color Corporal Tailor; age 19; enlisted 4/17/61, at Alexandria; Pvt., Co. E. Wounded at Sharpsburg, 9/17/62; hospitalized at Charlottesville and Lynchburg. Appointed Color Cpl., 11/20/63. Present 12/64. Paroled at Winchester 4/20/65. Oath of Amnesty, at Alexandria, 5/10/65.

John Nightingill, Regimental Drummer Enlisted 7/15/61, at Richmond; Musician, Co. H. Detached as Regimental Drummer through 12/64. Promoted to Cpl. Captured 4/6/64; sent to Pt. Lookout. Released 6/2/65 after taking the oath. At various times, he was a policeman after the war. Member R. E. Lee Camp, C. V., Alexandria. Died 9/17/92.

William Henry Harrison Smith, Regimental Drummer Son of Thomas Smith, Alexandria; Pvt., Mount Vernon Guards, 1859; occupation "Gent at large," when at the age of 21, he enlisted 4/61, at Alexandria; Cpl., Co. H. Reduced to Pvt., 1862. Detached as Regimental Drummer, 17th Va. Inf., 1864-65. Hospitalized at Farmville, chronic diarrhea, 4/8/65. Paroled at Farmville, 4/65. Died at Farmville, 5/6/65.

Washington C. Milburn, Hospital Steward Born 12/30/40; residence Alexandria; Pvt., Alexandria Riflemen, 1859; merchant; enlisted 4/17/61, at Alexandria; Pvt., Co. A. Hospital Steward, 17th Va., 1861-65. Paroled at Appomattox C. H., 4/9/65. Oath of Amnesty, Alexandria, 5/21/65. Died suddenly in Fairfax Co. 8/7/91. Buried in St. Paul's Cemetery.


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