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Some of Our Favorite Links...

Free eBooks relating to the 17th Virginia Infantry:
Note: Some eBook formats contain many typos, as scanned pages were not corrected for spelling when converting to text.
Also, breaks in continuity occur due to footnotes appearing in place on the pages where they were in the scanned text.
Reading online and eBooks in PDF are pictures of each page, not converted to text, so do not contain these common errors.

History of the Seventeenth Virginia Infantry, C. S. A. by George Wise [Company H, 17th Va.](1870)

Johnny Reb and Billy Yank by Alexander Hunter [Company A, 17th Va.] (1905)

Campaigns and Battles of the Army of Northern Virginia by George Wise [Company H, 17th Va.] (1916)

An Address delivered by Col. Arthur Herbert on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Federal occupation of Alexandria, May 24, 1861 (1911)

From Manassas to Appomattox; Memoirs of the Civil War in America by James Longstreet (1896)

Recollections of a Confederate Staff Officer by G. Moxley Sorrel [Longstreet's Chief of Staff] (1905)

Another Reenacting Company of the Seventeenth Virginia:

17th Virginia Infantry Regiment, Co. H, the Old Dominion Rifles
A unit of "the Bloody Seventeenth" based in the United Kingdom!

Another Reenacting Company of the Second Regiment, PACS:

4th Virginia Cavalry, Co. H
The Black Horse Troop


More Friends of the Fairfax Rifles:

Lee's Lieutenants
Home of the Living History Group with Al Stone as Robert E. Lee as well as a Who's Who of his most famous associates.

William "Extra Billy" Smith
Pvt. Dave Meisky of the Fairfax Rifles also portrays Gen. Smith with Lee's Lieutenants.

2nd Regiment Berdan's U.S. Sharpshooters, Co. C
Our Yankee friends who wear the Green.

Fighting First Regiment
An Independent, Progressive Reenacting Battalion.

The Fairfax Station Railroad Museum

United Daughters of the Confederacy, Virginia Division

Historical Society of Fairfax County, Virginia

Historic Fairfax City, Inc.
The City of Fairfax, Virginia Historical Society

Alexandria Historical Society
The City of Alexandria, Virginia Historical Society

BLM Productions
Local filmmaker of historic documentaries with whom we work.



Old Sutler John
Good Prices, Good Folks.
Jim and Nancy Cromwell run Old Sultler John and are Former Members of the Fairfax Rifles.

CW Supply
Call Tom Steinly at (215) 257-5998 or e-mail at cwsupplyman@hotmail.com
Address: 111 S. 5th Street, Perkasie, PA 18944-1303
Great Prices and Outstanding Service. Affiliate Member of the Fairfax Rifles.

Fair Oaks Sutler
Honest & Fair. Good source for Virginia buttons.

Fall Creek Suttlery
Good source for tents and mainstream brogans.

C & D Jarnagin Company

Dirty Billy's Hats

Clearwater Hats

Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc.
For Eyeglass frames and other unique items. Mostly 18th Century.

Civilian Resources:

Victorian Gentlemen
Excellent resources regarding 19th Century men, including behavior and attire.

Guidelines for Women's 1860s Clothing
The Atlantic Guard Soldiers' Aid Society.

Black Victorians
Includes links about many aspects of African-American life in the 19th Century.


General Resources:

List of Confederate Veterans Buried in the City of Fairfax, Virginia Cemetery

James River Publications Civil War Homepage
Includes links for help with geneology research of Civil War Ancestors,
a directory of all known Regimental Histories, many links to Virginia Unit web sites
and much more.

The Civil War Reenactors Home Page

The Civil War News

Camp Chase Gazette: The Voice of Civil War Reenacting

The Confederate Partisan

Cyndi's List
EXCELLENT site with great links for Geneology research, etc.

Military Facts - U. S. Civil War Facts Sheet**
and additional Civil War Resources
(This link was suggested by a Northern California history tutor and her students)
** Note: The Fairfax Rifles do not endorse the Military Loans web site but like their Civil War Resources

Veterans & Smoking
(This link was suggested to help veterans who might want to quit smoking.)


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