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Current Muster Roll of the
17th Virginia
Infantry Regiment
Co. D, "Fairfax Rifles"
Living History Society

(As of May 2018)

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Military: BACK TO TOP
Chris Hoehne
Capt. Chris "Sawmill" Hoehne
Chater Member; Company Commander 2003 - Present; Treasurer 2002 - 2008; Musician
Rudy Segaar
1st Lt. Rudy "Dutch" Segaar
President, 2009-2011; 2nd Regt. Color Bearer, 2008-2012, QM Lt., 2nd Regt.; Provost & ORD, PACS, 2011-2015, Capt./Adj., 2nd Regt. 2015
Jeff Jones

1st Sgt. Jeff Jones
Vice President, 2016, President 2017

Gene Lastfogel
2nd Sgt. Gene Lastfogel
Company Recruiter, 2016
Paul Goss
3rd Sgt. Paul "Picket" Goss
Source of All Knowledge, Local Events Coordinator
Nick Cicale

Cpl. Nick Cicale

Brian Whitenton

Cpl. Brian M. Whitenton

Les Albers
Pvt. Les Albers
Eric Bartock
Pvt. Eric Bartock
Assistant Treasurer, 2016
Alden Everett

Pvt. Alden Everett

Lynn Jones

Pvt. Lynn Jones III
Treasurer 2013 - Present

Keturah Kiehl

Pvt. Keturah Kiehl
President 2018

Alan Katz
Pvt. Alan "Ghost" Katz
Company Quartermaster 2018
Sayad Sharifi
Pvt. Sayad Shaifi
Mark Whitenton

Pvt. Marshall Ellis Whitenton
President 2013 - 2017


Sgt. Steve "Wolf" Wolfsberger
Charter Member; President 1998 - 2006; 2nd Regt., PACS Color Sergeant 2003 - 2006; Webmaster; Lifetime Member

Civilians: BACK TO TOP

Naomi Arlund

Mrs. Naomi Arlund-Roberts

Becki Bartock
Mrs. Becki Bartock
Brendan Bartock
Master Brendan Bartock
Mike Cicale
Mr. Michael Cicale
Ruth Lastfogel
Mrs. Ruth Lastfogel
Assistant Secretary, 2016
Drew Pallo
Mr. Drew Pallo
Debbie Page-Maples-Whitenton
Mrs. Debbie Page-Maples-Whitenton
Kecia Wolf Ms. Kecia Wolf
Secretary 2012 - Present

Honorary Members: BACK TO TOP
Jack Maples
Jack Maples
He portrayed Brig. Gen. Montgomery Dent Corse. Deceased April 2013
Priscilla Harper Ms. Priscilla "Scarlett" Harper
Great Great Granddaughter of Pvt. Sanford Payne and Jane E. Nelson Payne
Marcus Lewis Pvt. Marcus "Brilliant" Lewis
Firefighter in Berkshire, England

Friends of the Fairfax Rifles:

Joe Cain
Cpl. Joe Cain
27th Va. Infantry
Tom DeVoe
Sgt. Tom "Jersey" DeVoe
Regt. Quartermaster Sergeant, 21st Mississippi
Heather Kenney
Miss Heather Kenney
Connor Kenney
Master Connor Kenney
Emily Mosher
Ms. Emily Mosher
Living History Society of New Jersey-- Victorians of Virtue and Valor
Jim Pence

Gen. Jim "Stonewall" Pence
Gen. Thomas J. Jackson,
Lee's Lieutenants

Kathy Pence

Mrs. Kathy Pence
Mrs. Mary Anna Morrison Jackson
Lee's Lieutenants

Nick Pence

Capt. Nick Pence
Captain A. S. "Sandie" Pendleton
Lee's Lieutenants

Travis Pence
Pvt. Travis Pence
Courier, Lee's Lieutenants
Tom Steinly

Pvt. Tom "Big Yankee" Steinly
71st Pa. USV

Pat Sullivan

Trooper Pat "Paddy" Sullivan
4th Va. Cavalry, Co. H, "Black Horse"

Dennis Wood

Mr. Dennis Wood
School Teacher, 42nd Va. Infantry, Co. I

Collins Wood

Master Collins Wood
Drummer, 42nd Va. Infantry, Co. I

Scott Zeiss

Pvt. Scott Zeiss
4th Va. Volunteers, Co.A, "Stonewall Brigade"

Maureen Zeiss

Mrs. Maureen "Mo" Zeiss
4th Va. Volunteers, Co. A

Inactive/Former Members:

Charter Members

Capt. Johnson

Capt. W. P. Johnson
Charter Member, First Company Commander 1998 - 2002

Corey Johnson

Capt. Corey "Wagon" Johnson
Charter Member; Treasurer 1998 - 2002; Company Commander 2002 - 2003

Steve Blizzard
Pvt. Steven "Ghost" Blizzard
Charter Member
David Fitzpatrick
Pvt. David "Irish" Fitzpatrick
Charter Member
Karl Kramer
Pvt. Karl "Cadaver" Kramer
Charter Member
Jerry Minter

Pvt. Jerry "Surefoot" Minter
Charter Member

Robert Odend'hal
Pvt. Robert "Quickstep" Odend'hal
Charter Member
Debbie Johnson

Mrs. Debbie Johnson
Charter Member, Secretary 1998 - 2005

Other Former Members

Trey Bahm
Cpl. Trey "Butterfly" Bahm
District of Texas, Trans-Mississippi Department
Noah Bahm
Master Noah Bahm
District of Texas, Trans-Mississippi Department
Max Barron
Pvt. Max "Madman" Barron
Samantha Barron
Mrs. Samantha Barron
Steven Beasley
Mr. Steven Beasley
Ron Beavers

Mr. Ronald "Tracks" Beavers
Railroad Master

Ashley Beavers
Miss Ashley Beavers
Amos Beechler
Pvt. Amos "Moonshine" Beechler
Musician, Medic
Amy Beechler
Ms. Amy Marie "Sunshine" Beechler
Civilian Coordinator, Medic, Musician, Seamstress, Dance Mistress, Meal Coordinator
Bernie Beechler
Pvt. Bernie Beechler
Dance Master
Maureen Beechler
Mrs. Maurine Beechler
Dance Mistress
Chandra Beene
Ms. Chandra Beene
Gina Biscaglia
Ms. Gina Bisceglia
Jeff Black

Pvt. Jeff Black

Brad Blackson

Pvt. Brad Blackson

Sue Bolte
Ms. Sue Bolte
Norman Braly

Pvt. Norman Braly

Bob BrandenburgBob Brandenburg

Pvt. Bob Brandenburg

Jim Cromwell
Mr. Jim Cromwell
Nancy Cromwell
Mrs. Nancy Cromwell
Evan DuBasky
1st Lt. Evan "Whisker" DuBasky
Former 2nd Regiment, PACS Quartermaster
Lorie Collins
Mrs. Lorie DuBasky
Alex DuBasky Master Alex DuBasky
Ed Dudding
Pvt. Ed "Poot" Dudding
Invalid Corps
Gregg Dudding
Pvt. Gregg "Professor" Dudding
Andrea Emeigh
Miss Andrea Emeigh
Lee Fairchild
Ms. Lee Fairchild
Brittany Fairchild
Miss Brittany Fairchild
Doug Ferguson
Pvt. Doug "Knickers" Ferguson, Sr.
Brian Ferguson
Pvt. Brian Scott Ferguson
Gordon Flory
Mr. Gordon "Gordy" Flory
Jeanine Flory
Mrs. Jeanine Flory
Autumn Flory
Miss Autumn Flory
Dale Franchak

Pvt. Dale Franchak

Mike Frederich
Maj. Mike Frederich
Diane Frederich
Mrs. Diane Frederich
Carrie Fuhrer
Mrs. Carrie Fuhrer
Adriana Fuhrer
Miss Adriana Fuhrer
Michelle Fuhrer
Miss Michelle Fuhrer
Sarah Gaddis

Miss Sarah Gaddis

Chris Godard

Pvt. Chris Godard

Celia Greenberg
Mrs. Celia Greenberg
Steve Howerton
Sgt. Stephen Howerton
2nd Regiment, PACS Color Sergeant, 2001 - 2003
John Hunsaker
Mr. John "Brass Pounder" Hunsaker
Telegrapher, Musician
Susan Hunsaker
Mrs. Susan Hunsaker
Meal Coordinator Assistant
Christie Anne Detamore-Hunsberger
Mrs. Christie Anne
Dan Hunsberger
Mr. Dan Hunsberger
Evan Hunsberger
Evan Hunsberger
Kaitlyn Hunsberger
Ms. Kaitlyn Hunsberger
Sonja Hurlbutt
Mrs. Sonja Hurlbutt
Baker, Assistant Cook
Ethan Idoni
Mr. Ethan Idoni
Vanessa Idoni
Ms. Vanessa Idoni
Eric Johnson
Pvt. Eric "Woodpecker" Johnson
Nathan Johnson
Pvt. Nathan Johnson

Andrew Karl

Mr. Andrew Karl
Civilian Topographical Engineer, Musician
Cynthia Karl
Mrs. Cynthia Karl
Musician, Secretary 2011
Edward Kihm

Pvt. Edward Kihm

Drew Kinner
Pvt. Andrew "Drew" Kinner
Bill Lacy

1st Sgt. "Bayonet Bill" Lacy
"The Singing Sergeant," Company Training Officer

Linda Lacy
Mrs. Linda "Ma" Lacy
Treasurer 2011 - 2012, Secretary 2005 - 2011, Civilian Coordinator 2002 - 2008, Company Cook 2002 - 2008
Christine Landeau
Mrs. Christine "Frenchie" Landeau
Vassilly Landeau
Master Vassilly Landeau
Cindy Larkin
Ms. Cindy Larkin
Treasurer 2009 - 2011
Cindy Larkin
Pvt. Sydney "Skirts" Larkin
Karen Lewis
Mrs. Karen Lewis
Chris Lindner
Pvt. Chris Lindner
Jenee Lindner
Ms. Jenee Lindner
Thaddeus Lindner
Pvt. Thaddeus Lindner
Mark Maloy

Pvt. Mark Maloy

Tom Maples
Pvt. Tom Maples
Brian McDonald
Cpl. Brian McDonald
Former Recruiter
Briana McDonald
Miss Briana McDonald
Vanessa McDonald
Mrs. Vanessa McDonald
Dave Meisky
Pvt. David "Roadkill" Meisky
Company Paymaster
Chris Moore
Pvt. Chris Moore
Christina Moore
Ms. Christina Moore
Abigail Moore
Miss Abigail Moore
Doug Moore
Pvt. Doug "Searcher" Moore
Bruno Oliveira
Pvt. Bruno Oliveira Muhlethaler
Pat Murphy
Pvt. R. Patrick "Arkansas" Murphy
Bob Nelson
Pvt. Bob "Mooch" Nelson
Terry Norton
Pvt. Terry "Arnold" Norton
Tim Onasch

Pvt. Tim "Pickles" Onasch

James Ortte
Pvt. James Ortte
Kathleen Pawlak
Ms. Kathleen Pawlak
Barry Pawlowski
Pvt. Barry Pawlowski
Gabrielle Pawlowski
Ms. Gabrielle Pawlowski
Rebecca Plummer
Ms. Rebecca Plummer
Gene Rambo
Pvt. Gene "Ramrod" Rambo
Karen Rambo
Mrs. Karen Book Rambo
Ira Reed
Mr. Ira Reed
Sean Roberts
Mr. Sean Roberts
Brent Rotundo
Pvt. Brent "Traveller" Rotundo
Rod Saunders
Pvt. Rod Saunders
Dale Saxby
Pvt. Dale Saxby
Mike Schaefer
Pvt. Michael "Teach" Schaefer
John Schmidt
Pvt. John "Winchester" Schmidt
2nd Regt., PACS Color Sergeant, 2006 - 2008
Ben Schwind

Pvt. Ben Schwind

Bill Sexton
Pvt. Bill Sexton
Miriam Sexton
Ms. Miriam Sexton
Sarah Sexton
Miss Sarah Sexton
Ruth Sexton
Miss Ruth Sexton
Brianna Sorlie
Ms. Brianna Sorlie
Kristie Sorlie
Ms. Kristie Sorlie
Willie Squires
Pvt. Everett "Willie" Squires
Nancy Staringer
Ms. Nancy Staringer
Deceased August 2008
Darian Stevens
Pvt. Darian "Tiny" Stevens
Jim Stevenson

Cpl. "Jim Beam" Stevenson
President, 2006-2009, 2012; 2nd Regt., PACS QM Sgt. until 2013

Lumpy Stevenson

Pvt. Jordan "Lumpy" Stevenson

Kim Stevenson

Mrs. Kim Stevenson
Assistant to the President, 2006 - 2009

Michael Stevenson

Pvt. Michael Stevenson

Eric Stiller

Pvt. Eric "Red Bean" Stiller
Recruiting Officer

Mark Stilwell

Pvt. J. Mark "Ghostman" Stilwell

Zack Streeter

Pvt. Zack Streeter

Jerry Troycheck

Pvt. Jerry "Reb" Troycheck

Nataliia Usmanova Ms. Nataliia Usmanova
Del Van Gorder
Capt. Del "The Chief" Van Gorder
Topographical Engineer
Jamie Van Looy

Pvt. Jamie Van Looy

Jacquilynn Van Looy
Ms. Jacquilynn Van Looy
Haley Van Looy
Miss Haley Van Looy
Mason Van Looy
Master Mason Van Looy
Tyler Van Looy

Master Tyler Van Looy

Renton Varga
Master Renton Varga
Emily Varga
Miss Emily Varga
Micky Varga
Master Micky Varga
Chip Vernon
Mr. Charles "Chip" Vernon
Karla Vernon
Mrs. Karla Vernon
Blake Vernon
Master Blake "L'il Reb" Vernon
Heather Vrana
Pvt. H. "Toots" Vrana
Jon Vrana
Mr. Jon "Storyteller" Vrana
Brooks Wheeler

Pvt. Brooks Wheeler

Denise Wierzbicki
Ms. Denise Wierzbicki
Valerie Winslow Ms. Valerie Winslow
Christopher Wolf Cpl. Christopher "White Lightning" Wolf
Company Color Bearer
Gwen Zanin

Pvt. G. Zanin


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